The basic class for data retrieval is bentso.client.CachingDataClient. It will retrieve yearly data from the ENTSO-E API, cache it, and then use the cache when possible. Here is a simple example:

from bentso import *
cl = CachingDataClient()
cl.get_generation("FR", 2016)

CachingDataClient supports the following methods:

  • get_trade(from_country, to_country, year)
  • get_consumption(country, year)
  • get_generation(country, year)
  • get_capacity(country, year)

Country codes should always be a two-letter ISO code; year should always be an integer.

Cleaning generation mixes

Calling .get_generation(clean=True) will do the following:

  • Remove columns which have zero generation
  • Remove the column “Other renewable”, and reallocate its production to the existing renewable sources (see the source code for details)
  • Remove the column “Other”, and reallocate its production to all other generation sources

Using a custom data directory

You can pass a directory path to CachingDataClient to use a custom data directory, e.g. CachingDataClient("/Users/me/my/cool/data").